Yellow API Documentation Portal

This is the place to come for the technical details about the YellowAPI you will need to stream top Canadian local search content into your applications. Using our database of over 1.5 million business listings and associated rich content , you can deliver the best data to your users without the need for your own directory. The YellowAPI documentation portal offers the following documentation:

  • Yellow API GuideHow to use the Yellow API
  • I/O DocsTest and play with YellowAPI with our interactive documentation platform.



Announcing I/O Docs, the new YellowAPI Documentation Platform. Exploring, learning and testing YellowAPI has never been that easy! Choose your API key, fill in the parameter fields and witness the magic!


NOTE - YellowAPI  is in BETA, we have noted the following and will update section as required:

  • GetBusinessDetails: final set of tags in the response are still being finalized
  • GetBusiness and FindDealer: in limit cases, totalListings might not be accurate
  • GetTypeAhead: Experimental Phase