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Create a listing?

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    • Topic created 8 years ago

    As an additional service to our customers, we want to validate their Yellow listing. This looks pretty straight forward. What if the listing does not exist? Is it possible to create a listing using the API?

    TOP5mobile ( allows a business to create a mobile web app in minutes. We also allow a merchant to create a mashup single page website with one click! Adding the listing feature is a pretty cool feature. Hopefully, we can get it to work as needed.



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  1. Alan Lok8 years ago

    Hi Jim. YellowAPI's Places API does not have any facilities to add a listing programmatically. We encourage new businesses who need a new listing to add theirs at

    Also, please note that YellowAPI's terms of use prohibit the use of its API for validation exclusively. Anytime the a request is made to the API, its results should be shown to the end user in some way.

    Alan - YellowAPI Team

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