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Future APIs to come

    • Ypg Admin
    • Topic created 12 years ago

    Let us know what other data you would like to see in the Yellow API:
    - People Search (Canada 411)
    - Coupons & Offers (Red Flag Deals)
    - Restaurant Reviews
    - Classified Ads (Buy & Sell, Les PAC)
    - Automobile Ads (Auto Trader)
    - Other?

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  1. Adam12 years ago

    I'd love to be see categories for restaurants. ex. find all mexican restaurants.

  2. bwing12 years ago

    If you like mexican restaurants, you can simply make your "what" param "mexican restaurants", will return them, if the merchant has decided to provide this information.

  3. adjuvant12 years ago

    People search would be very useful. Also including fax numbers for businesses.

  4. Ricky_Tse12 years ago

    Yes indeed!!! Fax, toll free whenever it is available would be amazing!!!!!

  5. terencelo12 years ago

    on my wish list is an 'orderBy' or 'sortBy' feature for the find_business method for some of the fields being returned.

  6. mohit12 years ago

    Sir I want when I enter a business name address and contact no should come of related state enter by me I want it in my applicaton,I want all data can u help me pls rep on my mail

  7. TeamBAG11 years ago

    Add a parameter to filter by distance. If the distance is more than a specified number, don't display.

  8. Ypg Admin11 years ago

    Thanks everyone for your valuable insight!

  9. Komutel11 years ago

    I reeeeaaally need the same API to return both Busines and Person listings, maybe just add a tag like <type>Business</type> / <type>Person</type> or something like that to know what is what so you can get BOTH from the same query, OR specify if you want just business / person in the request URL if you only want one.

    Also support for USA, not just canada, I don't get why the yellow pages site returns results for both countries, but the API only Canada.. Please give me an ESTIMATED time frame for these feature, my application is really needing this to really be complet.


  10. Ypg Admin11 years ago


    YellowAPI provides access to canadian content only, since Yellow Pages Group is a canadian company and does not include US content and never did. Please understand that Yellow Pages in the US is not affiliated or associated to YPG by any means. The site does not return results from the US, as you mentioned above.

    The Person API model is being studied right now, and it is impossible for us to give an estimated time frame for this platform. The structure you are suggesting will be presented as an important element in our discussions. We will keep you posted whenever we can on this matter.

    Do not hesitate to post again if you need further details,

  11. OttawaGuide11 years ago

    It will be really helpful if the YellowPages API exposes the following info:

    * Hours of operation for each business
    * Reviews for each business

    Also, App developers can also help improve the YellowPages dataset by pushing back reviews from users to the YellowPages server. An API to support this feature will be a win-win for all of us.

  12. tjyoung11 years ago

    Autotrader data would be very handy. Would need to be able to search for certain vehicle/make/model/trim/in certain area and return not only the pertinent vehicles, urls to the trader page and so on but VERY IMPORTANT: how long has the vehicle been online. That would be very handy info as well.

  13. Maxipage11 years ago

    It would be nice to be able to retrieve the business logo when doing a 'FindBusiness' query. Unless I'm mistaken, it seems you can only get this information when doing a 'GetBusinessDetails' search for a specific ListingID.

    Is that in your roadmap?

  14. Ypg Admin11 years ago

    Thanks for the suggestion, we will certainly take a look at it! For now it is not on the roadmap, but thanks to your feedback, it might become a future feature!

  15. ssdev11 years ago

    I am very eagerly anticipating a candian people 411 residential search.

    It would a HUGE benefit to my website

  16. sboivin11 years ago

    Reverse search (search by phone number)

  17. JoshuaDouble10 years ago

    Reverse Phone Lookup People Search Classifieds Search

  18. Cory Dine10 years ago

    restaurant reviews is what I actually need right now.

  19. postalcodeinfo9 years ago

    Since someone else said it, I'd like to expand on it. I'd like to see a "radius" feature whereby only businesses from a certain radius (e.g. 50 KM) are returned.

  20. Dr. Felix Zhang9 years ago

    It would be very nice to add a radius search like google maps places api. Thanks. Felix

  21. Alan Lok9 years ago

    Radius search is available by supplying latitude/longitude in the where parameter. The value of the "where" should be: cZ<longitude>,<latitude>. For example if you are searching for donuts at 43.93N, 79.33W, the request will look like:,43.93&apikey=somekey&UID=user-uid

    Alan - YellowAPI Team

  22. eshir8 years ago

    yes -- that does get a lat/long-based search ... but what if I want only restaurants within 1 km of the lat/long. how can I specify the distance?

  23. Alan Lok8 years ago

    Thanks for the question. The parameter is "dist" with a value for #km away.

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